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‘Scheduling conflicts’?

January 30, 2010

Scheduling conflicts my arse. Now we have to put up with Pete ‘Hitman’ Waterman. Why oh why couldn’t it have been DENNIS Waterman?


Luke Marsden Hates Tuna

January 12, 2010

Poor @LukeMarsden (BB9) had somebody impersonate him on Twitter this week.  Apparently this person was tweeting Luke’s fellow housemates with totally random messages such as “I broke my arm while eating a tuna baguette”.

Luke’s response? “That’s pathetic. I HATE tuna!”  Can’t you just hear him saying it in that accent?

PS For the record, the impersonator wasn’t me.

Bruno to Sing Moldovan Eurovision Entry?

January 11, 2010

Check out this year’s Moldovan entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.  In a move that turns all of our preconceptions about Eurovision on their head, it’s a tribute to the giant of high culture that is Lady GaGa performed by a boy-band that look like three hairdressers.

However, surely the rumours that this is a Sacha-Baron Cohen piss-take will surely start flying, given that the guy at the back is a dead ringer for his character Bruno.

Separated at Birth: Pete Burns and Heidi Fleiss

January 3, 2010

X-Factor Voting Percentages Week-by-Week

December 18, 2009

Interesting reading…

Gary Barlow to Pen UK 2010 Eurovision Entry

November 29, 2009

The BBC are about to announce that next year’s UK entry for the Eurovision Song Contest will be written by Gary Barlow.  The selection format will be similar to 2009 when Graham Norton hosted a six-week long search for an act to perform a song composed by Andrew Lloyd-Webber.  Rehearsals for the 2010 live shows are set to begin on January 16th at BBC Television Centre in London.

The Wisdom of former East17 Front-Man Tony Mortimer

November 26, 2009

  • In the london eye looking out, took me mum up for her 70th, she hates heights lol
  • Why oh why do gillette make their deodorant look so similar to their shaving gel, nearly sprayed myself in the eye…….again
  • what a plum. Just broke the nut meg grater thinking it was a cheese grater
  • Ate 2 much beef which is funny cos i’m allergic to it
  • about to watch driven to kill with seagal. well, not actually ‘with him’ but he is in it i mean.
  • going for a shower and salad but not together obvs

Hilarious tweets, brilliant song-writer – Tony, you’re a legend.