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About Fanny

I guess you could say that I’m somebody who is in the public eye.  But I’m not a celeb by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m not from England originally, but I’ve now been here for over half of my life.  I live in London, but my lifestyle takes me out of the country a lot.  When I’m not busy doing what I do, I have a fetish for camp TV, bubblegum pop and celebrity gossip.

This blog is entirely my own work (as I’m sure you can tell by how amateurish it looks 🙂 and represents my opinions alone.  I have no intention of offending anyone with these comments.  They are made purely for my own and my friends’ amusement.  I only poke fun at people I like or admire, so if you’re a fan of somebody that I’ve taken the mickey out of, then please realise that my comments are not intended to be in any way spiteful.

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